Welcome to Cross County!


Visitors can enjoy a delightful evening strolling through Downtown Wynne, explore the captivating beauty of The Ridges at Village Creek - a standout attraction along the Natural State Golf Trail, indulge in over 33 miles of trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding at Village Creek State Park, and partake in the joy of fishing at the Wynne Sports Complex

Cross County, located in Northeast Arkansas, is a hidden gem on Crowley's Ridge known for its history and warm southern hospitality. Established in 1862, this county has been a shining example of rural life for more than 160 years. 

Cherry Valley

Cherry Valley sits in the northern part of Cross County, deriving its name from the cherry trees lining HWY 42. Residents gather monthly for Bingo and eagerly anticipate the yearly Cherry Fest celebration. This area is also home to the Thunderbirds, the beloved team of Cross County School District. 

Hickory Ridge

Hickory Ridge can be found in the Northwest area of Cross County. Hickory Fest is held annually, and the local committee is dedicated to coordinating festive events for the children in their tight-knit community to partake in. This town also serves as a regional hub for rice farming and various other agricultural ventures.


Located in Eastern Cross County, Parkin has a rich history tracing back to the sixteenth century. Parkin Archeological State Park, a National Historic Landmark, offers educational programs, special events, and tours all year round. Visitors can also enjoy the picnic area, playground, and boat ramp leading to the St. Francis River in close proximity. 


Located in central Cross County, Wynne serves as the county seat with a history intertwined with the growth of the railroad system. The city also boasts a vibrant community spirit, hosting a variety of events that honor local culture and traditions. This area is also home to the Yellow Jackets, the beloved team of Wynne School District.